Your generous gift will be MATCHED DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR, doubling the impact of your donation. Please give NOW through May 31, 2024, and help us reach our $100,000 goal!

As our community knows, we have seen a significant rise in the homeless pet population throughout Washoe County and northern Nevada. The demand for rescuing and rehabilitating homeless pets remains high, and the need for support from pet parents continues to grow.

Accordingly, we are better prepared this spring to save as many lives as possible and provide resources to keep pets in their already loving homes and out of the sheltering system.

SPCA of Northern Nevada is here to support our entire community and their beloved pets. But we can’t do this without YOU! 

There are many ways our community can help, and your support is critical!

The statistics about growing isolation, depression, anxiety, and loneliness in humans are daunting. But pets have a remarkable ability to bring people together, spreading joy, kindness, connection, and laughter!

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates the positive impact of pet companionship on our mental health, fostering optimism and more.

If you’re like us, you already know in your heart that animals enrich people’s lives - making our community a stronger, brighter place!

The rewards of adopting a pet are abundant—both seen and felt.

We are so much more than simply an Adoption Center.

At SPCA of Northern Nevada, we take pride in our commitment to enhancing the lives of both pets and their families. Each pet entrusted to us receives loving care from a highly trained team. Every pet receives what they need for a successful life in a loving home, including spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, microchip, and professional behavior assessments. Additionally, many also receive necessary surgeries, training, training support tools (gentle leaders, harnesses, leashes), and robust information packets to continue positive reinforcement in their new homes!

We provide our community with affordable veterinary services and financial assistance for unexpected veterinary bills through Todd’s Medical Fund—regardless of where you got your pet. Plus, we have a Pet Help Desk answering pet-related questions and we offer adoption discounts to seniors, teachers, active military personnel, and veterans.

But we can’t do all of this without YOU.

SPCA-NN provides ongoing support to adopters, and we make a lifetime commitment to our pets—we’re always here for them!

If you’re not currently looking to adopt, there are still numerous impactful ways you can contribute!

Foster. Volunteer. Donate. Each of these actions plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to care for pets in need and serve our community.

Fostering provides temporary homes for adoptable pets and increases our life-saving capacity. Volunteering allows people to lend their time, skills, and passion to enrich the lives of pets and people alike. Donations, whether financial or in-kind, provide vital resources to sustain our programs and services, ensuring that we can continue our lifesaving work. All of these are opportunities to join our SPCA-NN community brought together by a love of pets and is a fabulous way to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation!

Shopping at our Thrift Store is another way to make a BIG difference. All proceeds directly support pets in our care and our community programs. Your support, adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating, or shopping at the Thrift Store, helps pets and people in need.

For all of these reasons, the funds raised this Spring 2024 are critically important to our ability to continue saving and improving the lives of pets and their people throughout northern Nevada.

What we DO matters. What you GIVE matters.

Your generous gift will be MATCHED DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR, doubling the impact of your donation. Please give NOW through May 31, 2024, and help us reach our $100,000 goal!