Trap, Neuter, Return for Community Cats

Thanks to a generous gift provided to us by Jackie, the SPCA of Northern Nevada has partnered with Options Veterinary Care to provide Jackie’s Community Cats, a Trap, Neuter, Return program, to northern Nevada communities.

About Jackie's Community Cats
Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is a humane program aimed at helping our community to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and care for unowned community cats.
We will be offering trap rentals to approved community volunteers and colony caretakers. SPCA of Northern Nevada will pay for approved expenses including vaccination, sterilization, and receiving an ear tip to signify that they have undergone sterilization surgery. These services will be done by our veterinary clinic partner Options Veterinary Care.
We will instruct you on how to bring your approved cats in for surgery and assist you with scheduling once you fill out the form below.
By trapping, altering, and returning cats to their homes, community volunteers and colony caretakers will help stabilize cat populations, educate caretakers, and address community concerns regarding local cat populations.
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Why TNR?

– To avoid inhumane practices such as culling cats (eliminating the population altogether by euthanizing the cats) which has been proven ineffective.

– Cats can live in harmony with the community, but it is our responsibility to keep the homeless pet population at a minimum.

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Saves Tax Dollars

TNR saves tax dollars! Most community TNR programs, like ours, are funded by donations, not taxes.

Cats Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Free-roaming cat populations managed by a TNR program experience 31% less preventable deaths than unmanaged populations.

How it Works:

– Members from the public seeking to neuter, and return cats to established colonies can rent traps from us for a hold deposit of $25 per trap, which will be refunded upon return of trap.

– Persons who rent our traps will be given supplies and detailed instruction on trapping.

– Trappers will bring cats to Options Veterinary Care for services. Cats are provided with vaccinations, health checks, spay/neuter surgery, ear tips, and other necessary treatment.

– SPCA-NN team members will offer guidance to community members on trapping and living with community cats.

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Setting a trap

Program participants: please watch this instructional video to guide you in setting traps for the cats.