May 2021 Update

This bill was heard by the Senate Natural Resources Committee on May 4, 2021. Although no action was taken after this hearing, Susie Martinez plans to re-introduce the bill in 2023. While we are waiting, you can educate yourself on the damage caused by declawing and continue to make your voice heard.

Help End Cat Declawing in Nevada

Cats urgently need your help!

The SPCA of Northern Nevada has been working with Assemblywoman Susie Martinez, the sponsor of Nevada Assembly Bill 209 to prohibit the declawing of cats except for medically necessary reasons.

Please help us protect our feline friends from declawing by supporting the passage of bill AB209. The bill has moved from the Assembly to the Senate Natural Resources Committee, but things are not looking good. If the bill does not pass through the committee, it will die, and cats will continue to suffer.

With your help, we know we can do it! Together we can strongly and respectfully voice our support of this anti-declaw legislation to the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

PLEASE call or email the members of the committee TODAY, and respectfully share your concerns, opinions, and personal stories! Below is a list of the committee member’s emails and office numbers.

Call or Email the Committee Members

Fabian Donate – Chair


Office Phone: (775) 684-1427 


Melanie Scheible – Vice Chair


Office Phone: (775) 684-1421  


Chris Brooks


Office Phone: (775) 684-1422  


Pete Goicoechea


Office Phone: (775) 684-1447  


Ira Hansen


Office Phone: (775) 684-1480  

Mary Jane, pictured here, was declawed as a kitten. Declawing is an inhumane amputation of a cat’s toes. She now suffers from lifelong pain, fear, and litter box issues due to this unnecessary and inhumane practice. No cat deserves to go through this.

Together, we can, and DO, make a difference! Our feline friends are counting on us!

The Truth About Declawing

Learn more about the inhumane practice of declawing cats and the humane alteranatives by clicking below.

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