Maddie's Pet Adoption Days graphic with June 11-12 dates, dog and cat.
Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days are BACK!
Adopt a new furry friend Friday-Saturday, June 11-12 and we’ll waive your adoption fee.
Our adoption center remains CLOSED to the public, so we will be participating virtually. That means you can meet and adopt our adorable pets from the comfort and of your home!
We will be listing new pets at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 11. All applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-considered basis. To learn more about our virtual adoption process, click here.
We will have cats and kittens available for fee-waived adoption at our thrift store on 75 E. Moana Ln, and at Petsmart Los Altos on 255 Los Altos Pkwy. Adoptions are first-come, first-served, and adopters will be able to view the cats! Thrift store adoptions begin at 10 a.m., and Petsmart adoptions begin at 9 a.m. Come and meet your new feline family member!
We’ll be posting videos and live-streaming all of our adorable, adoptable pets on social media so you can meet them and ask us questions to find the best pet for your family! Follow us on Instagram here. And follow us on Facebook here.
#ThanksToMaddie participating organizations will be given $200 for every pet adopted out, enabling us to save and treat more animals throughout the year! WOO HOO!
Sharing on social media? Please use the hashtag #maddiesadoptiondays on everything you post- we want to see your happy family!
Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days is part of a new campaign—Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada—that is working with organizations, shelters and animal lovers across the state to create a safety net for cats and dogs by increasing adoptions from shelters, creating community-based safety nets for dogs and cats, and improving access to veterinary care in underserved areas.
Click below to see adoptable pets!