Hot Cars Kill

It's deadly. It's a fine. It's the law.


The latest updates on the the ±40,000 square foot building proposed for construction next to our adoption center

Jill smiling at camera holding a small black and brown dog.

2022 Impact Summary

Our community impact in 2022.

Lithia Reno Subaru Share The Love

Learn more about Reno Lithia Subaru's Share The Love event!

Dog Days of Summer at the Pioneer Center

Aug. 19-21, 7:30-9:30pm

Mid-Year Impact Summary

See our new Impact Summary for January through June 2022.

Orange tabby cat lounging in the sun.

2021 Impact Summary

Our community impact in 2021.

Emergency Wildfire Evacuation Mission

Read about our July rescue mission to Plumas County during the Dixie fire.

Woman holding a small black and white puppy.

Todd’s Medical Fund Offers Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care

Learn more about our program offering financial assistance for veterinary costs.

End Cat Declawing, Support AB209- IN ACTION

Learn more about kitten season and how you can help!