Meet the Gideon Family!

Anne, Gabe, Mike and Maze, their two-year-old German Shepherd, have been volunteering with us for three years.

Collectively, they have totaled over 1,433 hours. In fact, as soon as Gabe, age 17, cleared 250 hours, he became the SPCA’s first “Superstar Minor,” officially granting him permission to walk green and yellow dot dogs by himself! Bravo!

The Gideons consistently go above and beyond in helping us improve the lives of homeless animals in our community. Anne and Gabe are both Volunteer Mentors who train our new volunteers on how to socialize and walk our dogs. They have also stepped up to help out with our annual gala, various adoption events, as well as taking our canines on exciting day trips to places like Home Depot, Lowes, Scheels, Best Busy! These day trips not only offer our dogs much-needed exposure to the public but also dramatically improves their health and sociability.

The Gideons have also taken advantage of the SPCA’s Overnight Program, welcoming many a homeless dog to become a part of their family for a night (or few!). These sleepovers offer our canines a much-needed break from the shelter environment and provides them with a sense of home.

Perhaps one of the Gideons’ strongest fortes is facilitating play groups. Recently, their dog Maze has been granted the privilege of working as a play group starter. A playful and easy-going dog, it’s rare that Maze encounters a canine that she isn’t able to engage in a good round of play.

While the Gideons’ passion for animals is hard to beat, they are equally as kind to people, making them a joy to have around the adoption center. If they aren’t aware of how much our staff and volunteers appreciate and adore them, well, we hope they do now!

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