August 2020 Update:

The Reno City Council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance describe below. Thanks to your help, we are one step closer to ending the inhumane practice of breeding in puppy mills!

Learn more from the KTVN news story here.

Protecting Pets in Washoe County

Now is the time for all pet lovers and consumer advocates to join together and ask our government representatives to enact a retail pet sales ordinance.

Recently, the owners of two Washoe County pet stores were indicted on felony charges involving animal cruelty and illegal veterinary practices. Click here to read the article.

The Reno City Council is now considering a lifesaving proposal that would revoke the owners’ Reno City business license, and prohibit new pet stores from selling pets sourced from commercial breeding mills.

Please note, these stores do NOT source from responsible breeders. A responsible breeder would NOT allow their well-cared for pets to be housed or sold in such an environment. For more information on the danger of commercial breeding mills, visit:

If enacted, this proposal will help end the suffering of countless pets (dogs, cats, and rabbits) in substandard breeding facilities, reduce the number of sick pets sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars to unsuspecting consumers, and reduce relinquishment of these pets to regional shelters.

North Las Vegas, Truckee, and hundreds cities and counties nationwide have already passed similar, successful laws banning the retail sale of pets from inhumane breeding facilities. We now have the opportunity for Reno and Washoe County to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to help improve the lives of pets in our community. Together, we can, and WILL, save lives!


RENO RESIDENTSPlease make a public comment to be submitted to the Reno City Council. Here’s how:

Hearing Date: Thursday, September 19 at 6:00 pm

Reno Ward Required. See a ward map. Still unsure of your ward? See this larger map and use the search magnifying glass icon to input your address.

Wish to speak? Go to COMMENT FORM

If you are making an online comment and can’t attend, say NO.

If you plan to attend, say YES.

If you say YES but CAN’T attend, no worries.

If you said NO but CAN attend, inform the clerk on the left side of Council Chambers.

Everyone should check in to speak. Let them know if you already made a comment online.

Agenda Item: write in “General Public Comment”

Favor or Oppose? “Favor”

Your Comment: “Please close puppy stores permanently” or something clear and concise to the same effect.

NON RENO RESIDENTS: PLEASE SIGN the Puppy Mill Free Reno Petition to local officials to pass a ban on ending retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the Truckee Meadows. Click here to sign the petition


How to Find a Responsible Breeder

There are responsible breeders who care for their dogs and cats and do not sell pets from puppy mills. Click below to learn how to distinguish a responsible breeder from a scam or puppy mill re-seller.

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