Our AMAZING match donors are so impressed by how much our community stepped up that they have chosen to extend our deadline! You now have until midnight, May 8 to have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar up to $65,000!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped us raise over $35,000! Despite the unprecedented circumstances of our economy, you showed up to help the pets that help us.

You are all heroes.

Remember: We can ONLY do this life-saving work we do because of donations from heroes like YOU – the kind that saves pets in their sweats.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Please help us continue moving closer to our match goal today!

Messy lopsided bun. 8’clock shadow. Baggy sweatshirt. Wearing your most comfortable pair of sweatpants.

No matter what our quarantine appearance may be, our beloved animals still love us the same. When times get tough, they are always there to comfort us. In spite of what’s happening in the world, we are grateful for our pets. And during this time of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s impossible to imagine going through this without their love and companionship.

Which is why, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to be there for homeless pets. Right now, more than ever, they need us. The time has come for a new kind of hero. An unshaven, sloppy bun, pajamas-till-3pm type of hero .

There is no denying it’s a challenging time.

For all of us.

In our case, the need for rescues and services is increasing, while our main sources of funding are now gone.

The SPCA-NN thrift store, which is currently closed, accounts for 40% of our life-saving income, and our Affur to Remember Gala, our primary fundraising event, has been canceled. The loss of these two main sources of funding will have an unprecedented impact on our life-saving capacity.

Additionally, we don’t receive funds from the government or national SPCAs – we rely on our community to continue saving lives.

Graphic of man laying in a bed with white dog.

Please help us by donating before May 8 so we can reach our goal!

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