These days many of us are working from home with our furry new co-workers or trying not to go crazy chasing our own tail around! Either way, we’ve got ten fun things you can do with your pet during quarantine to keep you both happy and healthy!

1. DIY Enrichment Activities

These DIY projects are fun to do and will keep you and your pet occupied for hours!

  • DIY toy: wrap an old t-shirt over a plastic water bottle. It’s perfect for a pet that loves crunchy noises!
  • DIY rope toy: cut a hole in each side of a tennis ball, then put the rope through it until the ball is centered, and tie knots either side of the ball to keep the ball in place. 
  • DIY Kong: use a toilet paper roll or a jar and fill it with frozen peanut butter or frozen treats!
  • DIY treat puzzle: cut holes in a PVC pipe and put treats inside. 
  • DIY box puzzle: If you have been getting a lot of deliveries lately, use your extra boxes to hide treats in! Cut holes into empty boxes and insert treats to make a fun and inexpensive toy.
  • DIY braided rope toy: use scraps of old t-shirts to braid and make into rope toys.

2. Pet photoshoot 

Cat earing bow tie for photoshoot

There is no better time for a glam shoot than the present! Take photos of your pet for a calendar or better yet, start an Instagram profile for your pet!  

3. Do online pet yoga class!

Find your zen with your furry friend! There are lots of free and easy online yoga classes that you can do with your pet. A quick YouTube search will lead you to some fun discoveries!

4. Search and Sniff games

Hide or scatter treats around the house and cue your dog or cat to “go find it.”  Scatter kibble or treats around the kitchen, backyard, roll treats into a towel, or make a DIY muffin tin treat search!

5. Have a pet spa (grooming) day

This is a great time to practice self care for you and your pet! Take advantage of this time inside and give your pet some extra TLC. Brush them, brush their teeth, and clip their nails. You’ll both be feeling like superstars afterwards!

6. Teach your pet new tricks, learn positive training methods, and good behavior practices with an expert! 

There’s no better time than the present to help your pet learn good habits. We’re currently hosting a powerful webinar series with Certified Animal Behaviorist Kelley Bollen! Each webinar is only a $10 donation and will have you understanding your pet on a whole new level, and empowered to approach sticky situations with clarity and confidence! Click here to learn more!

7. Make your own treats

You’ll want to put on your chef’s hat for these!

8. Play some classic games with your pet! 

Stimulate your pet’s brain and have fun along the way with a game of of hide and go seek, tug-of-war, fetch, or blow bubbles!

9. Read your favorite book out loud to your pet.

Reading to pets has been shown to calm human stress and anxiety for both pet and human. Plus it’s a great way to sharpen those reading skills in front of a non-judgemental audience!

10. Shop for new toys and treats on Amazon 

Treat your pet and help save the lives of homeless pets by donating to the SPCA of Northern Nevada when you order goodies through Amazon Smile!


Written by Laura Van Antwerp

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