Whether you’re cuddling with cute lil’ cats or tossing tennis balls for happy doggos, working at the SPCA of Northern Nevada as a volunteer or staff member is an incredibly rewarding experience. Here’s a glimpse into what we do here on a day-to-day basis. It may not always be glamorous, but we’d do anything to keep our animals happy and healthy.  Plus, being out here with them makes us happy and healthy, too!


One volunteer, Anthony, has been volunteering at the adoption center for about six months and spends up to two hours every day walking the dogs. He shares why he loves volunteering with us so much:

“I find it hugely gratifying, I enjoy working so much with the dogs and all the other people here at the SPCA, they’re so nice,” Anthony said. “It’s very gratifying, it’s very rewarding, and it’s good exercise!”

— Anthony, SPCA Volunteer

Volunteers like Anthony ensure that all of our dogs get time outside of their kennels, either running around and playing in our play yards or walking through the beautiful scenery that surrounds our building! Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.


We also have volunteers and staff who open up their homes to our animals: our fosters! Fosters provide care to any dog or cat in need of a temporary home outside of the shelter. This may include animals waiting for spay or neuter, medical issues, or those who struggle with the shelter environment. Learn more about fostering.

“It’s a great way to be involved and help the shelter from home. You get to help an animal in need and learn more about the animal so we can better find the perfect home.”

— Tara, Foster and SNyPs Coordinator


While they are in the adoption center, all of our dogs and cats are given clean, temporary homes stocked with food, water, toys, and comfy beds. They also get tons of love, care and cuddles!

We place heavy emphasis on “enrichment,” which means providing a stimulating environment for the animals to help reduce stress and keep them happy and engaged. This ensures they are not only physically healthy, but mentally as well!

From the clinic to the front desk, every single member of our team plays a key role in making sure every animal has an opportunity to thrive. Pets who come through our doors are given the utmost level of care until they are adopted, which is all thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters like YOU!


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