You Made it Happen – Not a Father’s Day Success!
People can adopt kittens puppies dogs and cats from the SPCA in reno

This past weekend was Father’s Day but we here at the SPCA of Northern Nevada are pretty proud of our male pets – they’re all fixed and they aren’t fathers! So, instead, we decided to take the opportunity to celebrate them with the “Not a Father’s Day” adoption weekend! Our senior male pets (age 7 and older) were free to adopt and our adult male pets (age 1-6) had 50% off their adoption fees.

Loving family adopts a small puppy at the spca in reno

This loving family came in and added a new puppy to their home!

June tended to be a slow adoption month and we loved the time and attention that the public gave to help us celebrate. In fact, it was a major success! We completed 29 adoptions! Many of those were females, so even thought they weren’t on special, they still benefited from the extra attention that the promotion helped to generate. That’s some incredible life-saving and we know that is happened because of you. Thank you for adopting. Thank you for visiting, and for sharing with your friends and family.

Red the dog adopted into a loving home

Red the rescue dog was adopted over the weekend!

We loved the excitement in the air, the way it got people talking about rescue pets, and the knowledge it helped to spread about spaying/neutering your pets. We look forward to doing more adoption specials throughout the rest of the year to highlight our incredible pets!

We still have some incredible male pets who are looking for love.

Sysco the rescue dog is hoping to get adopted in Reno

Sysco is 7 years old and would love to be the center of attention in a loving home. You can learn more about him on his profile! 

Senior rescue dog Duke is available for adoption at the SPCA in Reno

Duke is a 13-year-old lab mix who’s slowly going deaf and blind. This rescue dog has lived a great life and deserves a peaceful, quiet, and loving home to spend the rest of his twilight years.

Senior Rescue Dog Cricket is available for adoption at the SPCA in Reno

Cricket is a 10-year-old couch potato who (like us) loves to eat treats! His favorite activities include snuggling, sleeping, and eating. Can you help him find a loving home?


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