Yiggy – the One-Eyed Rescue Dog Was Mayor of Reno for a Day!

This tiny nugget is Yiggy. He’s a one-eyed rescue dog that SPCA volunteer Amy rescued from Winnemucca two years ago. While she was picking up dogs, she came across Yiggy, who was unfortunately about to be euthanized. The animal control was running out of space and little Yiggy had not been adopted yet. Luckily Amy took him with her, knowing the SPCA would find a way to keep Yiggy until he could find a forever loving home. Amy fostered little Yiggy, with the intent of bringing him back to the SPCA when we had space for him, but she and her son Nick ended up falling in love with the little Yiggy foster and decided to adopt him themselves!

Fast forward to two years later and guess what?! Yiggy was named Reno Mayor for a Day by our Mayor Hillary Schieve. Mayor Schieve donated the honor back in May when we had our annual Affur to Remember Gala and Amy couldn’t pass it up. Amy was the high bidder on this unique prize and knew that Yiggy was the most deserving little rescue she could think of.

Yiggy started the day with a limo ride down to City Hall where he met the Mayor, took care of paperwork, and received his proclamation.

Yiggy with Amy, Mayor Schieve, and Jill Dobbs, Executive Director of the SPCA of Northern Nevada

He then toured some of his favorite spots around Reno, including Whitney Peak Hotel where he enjoy some doggy treats and got lots of love!

Amy and Yiggy at the Space Whale

Yiggy’s platform was spaying/neutering, free belly rubs, and lots of dog treats at all restaurants for four-legged citizens!

Nick holding Yiggy – you KNOW Reno is Rad when the Mayor is a Rescue Dog!

After a long, adorable day, he came back to the SPCA where he received his “retirement package,” which he has generously decided to donate to the next dog that gets adopted from the SPCA!

Yiggy with Amy, his proclamation, and his retirement package!

Check out Yiggy’s adorable proclamation:


Thank you Mayor Schieve for this awesome day, and thank you Amy for saving Yiggy and so many rural homeless pets, and adopting him from the SPCA of Northern Nevada. When you adopt, you save lives!


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