Winnie is an adorable puppy and the light of her family’s life. Unfortunately, she got sick, and the family turned to the SPCA and Todds Medical Fund for help.

After waiting for the right time, this local family decided to finally bring a puppy into their lives. For many years they fostered pets for local rescues, including the SPCA of Northern Nevada, and they wanted to have a pet of their own. 

Winnie instantly brought so much joy into her family’s life; she always made them smile with her goofy and loving personality. 

But soon, the family realized something was wrong with their beloved puppy.

For some reason, Winnie couldn’t get the hang of potty training. She always needed to pee, and often got urinary tract infections (UTIs). They brought her to their veterinarian, who ran tests to find the cause of Winnie’s issues.

Their hearts sank when the veterinarian told them Winnie had a condition called ectopic ureter, meaning her ureters were not connected to her bladder correctly, and would need corrective surgery. Without corrective surgery, Winnie would not be able to pee normally, and continue getting UTIs, which could be fatal if they reached her kidneys.

As much as Winnie’s family wanted to give her the care she needed, they had depleted their savings with the diagnostic tests, and could not afford the necessary surgery. Determined to save Winnie, they researched local options for veterinary financial support. That’s when they found the SPCA-NN’s Todd’s Medical Fund. 

This recently founded program provides financial assistance to people who can’t otherwise afford necessary veterinary services so pets can get the care they deserve. We began this fund with a generous donation made by the late Todd Denton, a wonderful human who loved animals. Thanks to your continued support, this fund has helped so many families care for their pets. Learn more by watching the video above.

With Todd’s Medical Fund, Winnie’s family could afford the corrective surgery, antibiotics, and follow-up care Winnie needed.

Now, Winnie’s recovering and becoming the happiest, healthiest puppy she can be. She still makes her family smile every day, and they are so grateful she has her life back.

With your help, no families’ hearts will be broken by financial limitations that cause the loss of a beloved pet. PLEASE GIVE TODAY so we can continue helping pets like Winnie and their families through our lifesaving programs, including Todd’s Medical Fund. 

This spring, a generous donor has offered to match up to $50,000 in life-saving funds, and we know we can reach our goal with your help. 

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