Weeble the Wobble Kitten

“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

Awesome update: Weeble has been adopted into an incredibly loving forever home! Please check our adoption page for our currently adoptable pets.


Meet Weeble – our future Pet of the Week (who’s available for adoption right meow!)

She has a condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Kittens with cerebellar hypoplasia have a poorly developed cerebellum due to an infection in the womb. The cerebellum is a part of their brain that coordinates their movement and their ability to start and stop! It gives them a characteristic tremble that leads to the name “Wobbler Kittens.”

They are normal otherwise. They will live a full life time and they generally do not improve over time. They do learn and are better able to manage their disability, but they don’t “get better.” They are already perfect!

Here’s some insight into Weeble, from her own little kitten mouth!

I love:

Amazon! Because they deliver cardboard boxes and paper just for me to play in!

Gentle dogs- who play with me all day; even when I’m a wild child. They help me develop, improve my balance and allow me to get stronger!

Carpet!- Yay traction!

Grass!- traction and bugs! What else could I want?!

Weeble in her foster home with one of her doggy foster brothers.

I dislike:

Fans! Big scary wind!

Swimming in the dog water bowl!

Hard wood floors- I’m like the flinstones!!!

Chickens- those are some big birds! Yikes!

Amazing things I can do:

Get in and out of the litter box! And even try to bury my mess when I’m in there!

Hide under tiny shelves! I’m super flat when I want!

NOT fall down the stairs!!!

Come meet Weeble today and talk to our cat adoption staff about adopting her into your home. She’s an amazing kitten that is looking for the purrrrfect match.

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