What happened?

Our pet transport vehicle recently broke down while transporting 43 kittens from Las Vegas. Fortunately our hardworking team was able to safely bring the kittens to Reno in a rental van.
Because the safety of our staff and pets is of upmost importance, we’ve decided the time has come to retire our main pet transport vehicle.

75% of our pets are transported from over-crowded, under-resourced shelters across Northern Nevada.

How has this impacted the SPCA of Northern Nevada?

As many of our you know, we rescue the vast majority of our pets from overcrowded, under-resourced shelters in rural Nevada. A pet transport vehicle is our most important resource for the success of these trips, and enables us to safely and comfortably transport cats and dogs long distances.
We are currently using a old, small backup van to bring pets to our adoption center. This has not only had an impact on the number of lives we can save, but on the comfort we can provide those pets during long drives across the state.

Your donation will help us save more pets than ever, as well as provide those pets a safe and comfortable transport.

How can I help?

Thanks to a successful #GivingTuesday campaign, we’ve been able to raise enough money for a down payment!
But we could still use your help to pay for the rest of the vehicle. Your donation will make a profound impact on the quantity of pets we can rescue, and the quality of transport we can provide them!