Andrew and Cooper - the superstar duo.

Andrew has been volunteering with us since March of this year. Since then, he has racked up over 100 volunteer hours and moved his way up from being a green, to yellow, and then a red-dot volunteer, our highest level of dog socialization!

Andrew met his dog, Cooper, a Great Dane mix, shortly after his volunteer journey began, and they were a match made in heaven! Since Cooper doesn’t like to be left out, he’s accompanied Andrew on many volunteer excursions and has set a great example as an SPCA alum.

I find volunteering with the SPCA fulfilling because I am able to spend time with dogs that truly need someone, even if it’s for a short time. It’s truly amazing to watch these animals blossom outside of the kennel and get to be a dog for a while until they find a loving home.

— Andrew Fickert

Cooper does Legends!

This past November, we were able to make a fun Sponsor of the Month video featuring him and Cooper! Check it out if you’ve ever wondered what shopping at Legends looks like from a dog’s perspective.

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Santa and Andrew are friends...

From day one, Andrew has been willing to help with special events. His unwavering enthusiasm perfectly reflects the joy and love that the SPCA strives to put out into the world. Andrew’s upbeat personality and tech-savviness has been a huge help for us in creating content to promote our pets.

Andrew has also stepped up in other ways. He regularly takes our pups out on day trips for much-needed time outside of the shelter, and he’s a big reason why Santa has and will continue to be visiting the adoption center all month (wink wink). 

Thank you, Andrew, for the impact you’ve made on our organization! We appreciate all your help.