Valentine’s Day Rescue Dog Deliveries 2018
Rescue dog rose deliveries for valentines day to elementary school.

Their eyes widen and the biggest smiles expand across every face as we enter the room. It’s February 14th, and I’m tagging along with one of our groups of volunteers as they enter classrooms, homes, and offices spread throughout our community. The small, fluffy bundle of love in their arms is a rescue puppy we recently saved. Her name is Aphrodite and she is appropriately helping us bring love and joy to not only the people whose generous valentines made donations to our organization in order to have this little visit, but to everyone within eye sight.

Rescue puppy in the arms of a person undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

This strong, beautiful woman was overjoyed to hold a rescue puppy during her treatment.

The same thing seems to happen everywhere we go. From the elementary class who’s office staff, teachers, and little kindergartners are mesmerized by the love this little rescue pup has to offer, to the patients receiving chemotherapy treatment, not expecting to actually smile and laugh during what is a very painful experience, everyone is overwhelmed in the best way possible.

As we make a final visit to surprise the staff and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Reno, another nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep families close while their children are in the hospital, the power of rescue pet love is reaffirmed to us. Pets have healing powers. Studies have shown that just smiling can make you actually happier. There’s nothing that makes people smile more than when a cuddly pet, rescued from its own difficult situation, is in your arms, looking up at you with nothing but nonjudgmental love. The pup clearly communicates that it lives in the joy that is the present moment. It’s not concerned about the past, what’s its seen or been through, and it’s not worried or anxious about the future. It lives purely in the here and now, and there’s a contagious, calming power in that presence that inspires love.

Staff at Ronald McDonald House Charities taking pictures with rescue puppies.

The hardworking staff and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Reno.

Aphrodite and her siblings made a big impact. They spread happiness, they raised awareness, as many were shocked to find out that they were rescue puppies, and they all found loving homes through adoption the next day.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our event. We will definitely be making Valentine’s Day Rescue Dog Rose Deliveries again, next year.

Please consider making a life saving gift so that the SPCA can continue to do fun, awareness spreading events that get our community excited about rescue pets.

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