Tulip the Heeler and Her Perfect Match Patricia

Meet Tulip. This picture is from when she was first rescued and came to look for love at the SPCA of Northern Nevada’s Adoption Center.

Tulip was born in 2013 and was unfortunately one of the hundreds of thousands of companion animals in the U.S. that was left homeless. Luckily for Tulip, she was rescued by an animal control and eventually found her way to the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

She is an adorable Heeler mix (with amazing eyebrows, we might add,) but her circumstances had made her very timid.  Dogs are love incarnate. It is as if they were created to be love – to give it unconditionally and, hopefully in return, receive it back. For Tulip, being homeless and unable to give and receive that unconditional love was a huge strain on her personality. She would shy away from handlers, unsure what was happening to her and why she wasn’t in a loving home. She was small and scared, sheltered from the outside world, unaware of the adventure-filled life she deserved, and would eventually experience.

Everything changed for Tulip the moment Patricia saw her. When a perfect match finds each other, it is electric. There’s something tangible in the air that you can feel changes when the two interact. The connection is instantaneous and they know it in their bones that they’ve just met their new best friend. That is exactly what happened with Patricia. The moment she saw shy, sweet, tiny Tulip in her kennel, she knew they needed one another. Tulip was going through her spay surgery so she wasn’t yet available for adoption. Patricia found out that Tulip was going to the PetSmart on S. Virginia Street for a weekend adoption event and Patricia rushed over to meet her.

Tulip the Heeler with her Perfect Match Patricia

As soon as she saw her, Patricia walked confidently to Tulip, and Tulip curled up in Patricia’s lap – ready to finally give the unconditional love she was made to give. Tulip didn’t know it at the time, but Patricia is an incredibly active, adventure loving person and Tulip was about to become the happiest adventure buddy in the world!

With Patricia’s love and care, Tulip has truly blossomed. She is much less timid and instead, by Paticia’s side, meets all of life’s adventures and challenges with a wagging tail. Dog parks, hiking in Reno/Tahoe, paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe – Patricia catalogs the many adventures of Tulip on a special Instagram account (we highly recommend you start following it)! When they aren’t outside, doing epic things together, Tulip helps Patricia in class. Patricia is a third year veterinarian student and Tulip acts as a class Live Animal Palpation Dog for the entire class!

Picture of Tulip on one of her adventures with Patricia, from Patricia’s blog!

This rescue dog had a rough start to life but it didn’t define her. Her tenacity and unwavering capability to give and receive love show just why rescued is our favorite breed. Sometimes things happen to you in this life but if you keep believing that good things can happen, they will. Thank you for adopting Tulip, giving her the life she deserves, and sharing the adventure with others. We are so happy that Tulip and Patricia found each other and we can’t wait to see their story continue.


Too cute for words. Patricia calls Tulip her “Anchor at Sea” on her blog.

Join our Circle of Love monthly donation club and help homeless animals like Tulip find their perfect matches. Everyone deserves to find love. A monthly donation to the SPCA of Northern Nevada is the most impactful way to help them find it.


P.S. Patricia also writes a blog about her life and adventures as a Vet with Tulip. Click here to check it out!

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