The SPCA of Northern Nevada (SPCA-NN) unveiled Todd’s Medical Fund, financial assistance for qualifying residents of Northern Nevada who cannot otherwise afford necessary veterinary services. 

“One of the main reasons people call us to surrender their pets is because they couldn’t afford a major medical procedure,” said Executive Director Jill Vacchina Dobbs, J.D. “It’s heartbreaking to watch families tearfully surrender a beloved family member because of medical costs. Pets don’t deserve to be separated from loved ones because of money. That’s why we created Todd’s Medical Fund, to help keep families together.”

Todd’s Medical Fund only covers acute (non-recurring) necessary medical procedures such as surgery, non prophylactic dental procedures, laceration repair, and foreign body obstruction removal.

To qualify, applicants must be a permanent resident of northern Nevada, must have a combined household income at or below $52,000, must have a written estimate of costs from the treating veterinarian, and must be able to afford at least 20% of the total medical bill. 

The fund also covers end-of-life care including humane euthanasia and communal cremation. 

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