Part 1, Texaco's Rescue

Texaco was starved, dehydrated, and heavily pregnant when she, along with many other dogs, was rescued from an unfortunate hoarding situation. The owner had passed away, and the pups were left to fend for themselves without food or water for weeks before they were discovered. ⁣

When Texaco arrived at our adoption center, she was quite timid. However, she seemed curious about the patience, love, and affection our team offered her. It was as if she had never fathomed that she could matter to a human.⁣

Texaco promptly went into foster care and successfully delivered a litter of puppies. She warmed up to people, and soon began to repay affection with wags and kisses. It seemed to be her way to saying….Thank you. Thank you for caring about me. ⁣

However, Texaco was terrified of going outside. She didn’t want to go outside to walk, not even to go potty. And she was PETRIFIED of car rides. Whenever she went into a car, she would basically explode. Poop. Puke. Pee. We knew for this reason that adopting her out was going to be difficult. ⁣

And it was.⁣

Then these two gentlemen walked into our adoption center. They fell in love with Texaco. They were willing to do whatever it took to help this sweet girl heal. ⁣
⁣“We have a forty-minute drive back home, how do you think we can make it easier for her?”⁣

“Well, having a human touch during the ride seems to really comfort her,” our staff member said.⁣

So they adopted her. Then they covered their entire backseat with blankets that were generously donated to us by our incredible community. They armed themselves with poop bags and towels. And they gently hoisted her trembling body into the car. ⁣

Finally, one of her new dads jumped in the backseat with her. ⁣

“I’m going to hold her the entire ride home,” he said with a smile. “I just want her to feel safe.”⁣And with that, they drove off into the evening, armed and ready to help Texaco write a brave and beautiful new chapter to her story. ⁣

Part 2, An Update From Her Adopters

“I’m glad to let you all know that Texaco is doing great (we renamed her Zoey cause it heckin suites her)!!! ⁣

She made it all the way into Carson City without any issues. We then stopped for her to meet the family from inside the car which she loved.⁣

After our visit we went to PetSmart to get her a bed and all the new doggo things. Here’s the twister, SHE GOT OUT AND WENT INTO THE SHOP WITH ZERO ISSUES! Gosh we were so proud of her, she even helped pick out her own leash and bed. She was nervous, bit did not freeze up at all until the big scary auto doors at the front kind of freaked her out. ⁣

She then made it from Carson to Dayton in the back seat alone with little to no anxiety. She laid down and closed her eyes. ⁣

The first two days she stayed in her bed area and kept to herself but for the random adventure. She is all warmed up to the house now and does as she pleases, but potty time will be a challenge. We have a few neighbors with talkative dogs and it makes her rather nervous to go outside although she is trying to get used to her new yard space. ⁣

Her new little brother Carlyle, my 2 1/2 year old blind cat and her are getting along better day by day, although she is somewhat timid around him. I have noticed her cattle dog tendencies if they are both outside together though and it’s adorable. She has noticed the places I don’t allow Carlyle so he won’t poke his eyes on bushes, and she has started to pick up on that and herd him away from the area. ⁣

She has already taken a full walk around a small block in our area, but she did hesitate a lot, and we found that she feels much safer and responds when she is in between the both of us as we walk together.⁣

We are so happy to have had the chance to give this beautiful girl a home and we are so in love with her! Thank you everyone for your kind words!”⁣

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