Exceptionally Subpar Pet Portrait Gallery

Please enjoy a gallery of Exceptionally Subpar Pet Portraits.

COVID-19: What’s Your Pet Plan?

Make sure your pet is cared for in the event of an emergency hospitalization.

Meet Stan

Meet Stan, the life of the party!

Meet Maizie

Meet Maizie, the social butterfly!

Meet Dusa

Meet Dusa, the gentle giant.

Meet Boots and Junny Bug

Meet Boots and Junny Bug, a bonded pair of senior chihuahus who like to hang out and cuddle.

Meet Goose

Meet Goose, a handsome tuxedo cat that loves attention!

Meet Capone

Meet Capone, a playful lab puppy that's eager to please!

Meet Andrew and Cooper

Read to learn more about these two superstar SPCA volunteers!

Meet Sady

Meet Sady, a fun-loving pit mix with lots of love to give.