2023 Impact Summary

Our Community Impact in 2023.

Harmful Collars & Safer Alternatives

Prong, Choke and Shock Collars: Harmful Effects & Safer Alternatives


The latest updates on the the ±40,000 square foot building proposed for construction next to our adoption center

Family Estate Planning Series

Wednesdays, March 20 to May 1
10:30am-Noon OR 1:30pm-3pm

2023 Mid-Year Impact Summary

January - June 2023

Summer Safety for Pets

Summer Safety for Pets

Summer Swimming Pool Safety for Dogs

Summer Swimming Pool Safety for Dogs

Our Community’s Current State of Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is currently in a state of crisis.

Hot Cars Kill

It's deadly. It's a fine. It's the law.

Home to Home: A New Way to Re-home or Adopt a Pet

Learn about Home to Home, a new online platform making it possible to safely rehome your pet, avoiding any length of stay at a shelter.