Sysco Got Adopted
Sysco the rescue dog in Reno was finally adopted. The SPCA staff came to wish him goodbye


After 7 long months Sysco the senior rescue dog has found the loving home he always wanted. Sysco was a lab mix who you may recognize. He came in as a stray and right away we could tell he was living in pain. He needed knee surgery to fix his ACL. It was causing him agony. We quickly took him to Sierra Veterinary Specialist Hospital where he was able to get the treatment he needed and then he spent some time recovering in a very loving foster care home with one of our amazing volunteers. She helped him heal in a quiet environment, and when he was ready, she started his rehabilitation with short walks to build back strength. Once he was well enough, Sysco returned to the SPCA of Northern Nevada to find a home.

Sysco the rescue dog went on a day trip and loved every second of it

While living in the Adoption Center, Sysco got to go on a day trip with a volunteer and loved every moment.

Volunteers and staff worked with Sysco – enriching his life with scent games, giving him special treats, massaging him, petting him, bathing him, reading with him, and helping him to build back muscle in his legs with walks and eventually hikes. However, it shocked everyone that Sysco kept getting looked over, month after month. For some reason this handsome boy, who had already been through so much, couldn’t seem to find the right person. Sysco pulled on our heartstrings. He was sad, and lonely. We needed to find his person – we wouldn’t let him give up. Sysco became our poster dog. He took over our website, social media accounts, and became our Pet of the Week, going on KTVN and Alice and River Radio stations, hoping to find a great home. And that’s exactly what happened!

Sysco stole the hearts of everyone when we had a wedding ceremony at the Adoption Center.

During his time, Sysco got to celebrate a wedding that took place at the SPCA Adoption Center back in May, 2018.

While appearing on KTVN, Sysco caught the eye of a retired veteran who was looking for a loyal companion. That man took one look at Sysco and knew he had found what was missing from his life. He came in to meet this resilient rescue dog and the two bonded almost immediately. Sysco’s stay with us was finally over and we are so happy that he’s now home that our tears of joy haven’t stopped flowing.

Sysco’s adoption was a team effort. People who talk about rescue pets they see, who encourage their friends and families to adopt, who interact with our social media accounts, liking, sharing, and commenting about rescue pets, are the reason these pets find homes. The volunteers who give their time, talent, and love to these pets to help socialize them and sometimes rehabilitate them are the reason the pets can find the love they deserve. Donors who give provide everything these pets need from warm beds, to food, to the often expensive, pain-ending treatment they have lacked their entire lives are the reason we are able to do what we do for pets like Sysco. Thank you to everyone who loves and cares for these homeless pets!

Sysco the rescue dog in Reno got adopted.

Many of the staff members came out to say goodbye one last time to Sysco as he made his way out of the Adoption Center and into his new loving home.

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