Stanley James Walker Pet Care and Adoption Center


Reasons to support the SPCA of Northern Nevada in our Pet Care and Adoption Center:

  • Too many wonderful dogs and cats in Northern Nevada still die in shelters because of a lack of time and space. You are helping to maintain a facility where we can at least double the number of dogs and cats that we currently rescue and re-home.
  • You are helping us provide the public with enhanced programs and services, including:
    • Spay/Neuter assistance for low-income residents;
    • Low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics for the public;
    • Volunteer opportunities for people of every age.
  • You are providing our dogs and cats with a much healthier environment, including more exercise space, walking trails, better light and ventilation, and an improved on-site veterinary clinic. Healthier animals mean better pets.
  • You are helping to increase our capacity to heal and rehabilitate poorly socialized or abused dogs and cats that need some extra TLC.
  • You are making it possible for us to extend our rescue operations across more of Northern Nevada, wherever the need is greatest.
  • Your help allows the SPCA of Northern Nevada to continue to promote a lifetime commitment between people and pets, and to work towards the day when every pet is loved and valued.

Contribute to the Future of the SPCA of Northern Nevada

Your investment will be used prudently and efficiently to pursue our live-saving mission. Thank you for saving a life today.

Here are some ways you can help:

Click on the drop-down box below to search for either Dogs or Cats, then click search.

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