Maddie’s Fund

Thanks to a great partnership with Maddie’s Fund®, the SPCA has created programs to benefit the dogs and cats that come through our adoption center each year. The financial generosity of Maddie’s Fund® makes these programs possible, and without their assistance we could not continue to grow and develop programs that help find our animals their forever homes.

The new SPCA Mobile Veterinary Clinic will help reach people all over northern Nevada who are unable to come to our adoption center to get the treatment their animals need. The mobile clinic benefits thousands of people and animals in our community and is the only one of its kind in Northern Nevada. The mobile clinic provides vaccinations, spay and neuter, and microchipping services.


Maddie’s Play Yard is a new addition to the SPCA. The play yard allows the dogs to socialize with each other and run free in a large open space. It has been instrumental for staff and volunteers to work with dogs on behavioral problems and get them ready for adoption.

The K9 Wing sponsored by Maddie’s Fund has helped to increase our adoptions and provide the necessary resources for animal rehabilitation and medical care.

Garden windows are in our cat colonies to allow the cats to lie in the window and enjoy sunshine and fresh air via the window vents.


During Maddie’s Free Adoption Days we were able to adopt 110 dogs and cats to amazing families with a minimal return rate. We were able to accomplish a standard month of adoptions in two days. That is 110 dogs and cats that are now in their forever homes.


2013: 99.11% SPCA live release rate

2014: 98.96% SPCA live release rate

2015: 99.52% SPCA live release rate

2016: 99.31% SPCA live release rate

SPCA Maddie’s Fund Animal Statistics Table (Asilomar Report) 2013

SPCA Maddie’s Fund Animal Statistics Table (Asilomar Report) 2014

SPCA Maddie’s Fund Animal Statistics Table (Asilomar Report) 2015

SPCA Maddie’s Fund Animal Statistics Table (Asilomar Report) 2016

Visit Maddie’s Fund website to learn more about their program and services.


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