Last weekend we hosted our first-ever virtual Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days and successfully adopted out every available pet! Families were able to virtually “meet” pets, ask questions on social media, and apply to adopt through an online platform.

Thanks to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation all adoption fees were waived during this event! 

Here are some of the inspiring stories of the adopted pets and their new families.


Little Senator is a puppy from a litter of terrier mixes that came from an overcrowding case in rural Nevada. Working alongside our rural rescue partner, Fallon Animal Welfare Group, we were able to rescue Senator and her siblings, get them spayed and neutered, and find them loving homes!

Senator’s adopter told us they were “Very excited to have a puppy in the family again.” She is a travelling nurse from Illinois who happened to be in Reno when she saw Senator on our website. Senator is going to live an exciting life with her new loving family, that’s for sure!



Miss Lilah is a lovely tuxedo cat who loves being with people. She also has no tail! We like to call her a “bunny cat.” 

After being transferred to us from our partner, the Feline Fix Project, she spent a couple of weeks waiting for a new home and became a staff and volunteer favorite.

#ThanksToMaddie, Lilah’s wait for a home ended this past weekend! Her adopter and his son saw her cute face on our website and applied to adopt, telling us how much they loved cats. We know she is going to get all the love she deserves with her new family.



Tillman was tearfully surrendered after his guardian began experiencing health issues. While she was sad to let him go, she told us “He’s such a sweet boy who deserves a family who can give him all the snuggles.”

Well, Tillman got to find that family thanks to Maddie’s Pet Project Nevada’s Adoption Days! They were looking for a friend for their dogs, and were so excited to complete the adoption process virtually and take him home. 

Tillman is now enjoying life with his new doggo siblings!



Sunshine, a rural rescue transport from LoCat in Lovelock, Nevada, found a home with another SPCA-NN alum! Her new family had adopted their kitty from us last year and were looking to add one more to their pack. 

Sunshine now has a happy home with a feline friend!



Tracker is a sweet, high-energy hound mix who needed a home with an active family who could give him lots of exercise. His previous family surrendered him after they realized they did not have time to meet his needs. 

His new family told us, “We want to give our current dog an adventure partner!” so we knew it would be a great fit for Tracker. 

They have since sent us multiple videos of the two furry siblings playing in the living room and getting along famously! We can’t think of a more PAWfect match!



This kitten came to us after we received a call from someone in Winnemucca, Nevada who needed our help caring for an unexpected litter of kittens. Thanks to our transport team, we were able to pick up and bring little Beldam here to find the PURRfect home!

Beldam’s adopters were looking for a companion for their rescue kitty when they found her. 

 “While she is independent, when I am at work, I think it would be nice for her to have a companion.” Her adopter told us. 

Now, Beldam is in a loving home with a new kitty BFF!



Meka is an adorable pointer mix from Winnemucca who also has a lot of energy. As soon as our animal care team met her they knew she would need lots of space to run around in her new home. 

Meka’s adopters had just that, plus lots of experience with high-energy pointers. They were thrilled to be able to adopt her and give her full run of their property. We know Meka will be so happy with them!



Tango is a cat who was transported from our rural rescue partner, the Elko Animal Shelter, where she was surrendered after someone found her abandoned and alone. She is a perfectly healthy senior cat who loves to be near people. 

Her new owner was so happy to have another pet to keep her company, as both her cats had recently passed away. Thanks to this wonderful event, she has a new sweet kitty to love, who will love her right back!

Read more about the organization that makes Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days possible here.

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