The latest updates from the SPCA of Northern Nevada during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, May 14, 2020

 We are excited to announce that our SPCA-NN Thrift Store is moving to 75 E. Moana Street! Our new location was painstakingly selected and renovated to better accommodate our customers and mission. We are currently stocking this new location with merchandise and fantastic deals for our community.

We are working our little tails off to open for donations only at our new location by mid-June! As you can imagine, COVID-19 has complicated our moving and re-opening process, and we really appreciate our community’s continued patience and support. Our thrift store proceeds are a critical part of our life-saving budget, and we need your donations and patronage to save thousands of at-risk pets annually.

Please continue to hold onto your spring cleaning donation items for a little while longer. In mid June we will take them off your paws to help save and improve the lives of homeless pets!! Stay tuned for more details…

Monday, April 20, 2020

SPCA of Northern Nevada Thrift Store is closed until May 1st. SPCA-NN Adoption Center is also closed to the public until May 1st. The following describes our limited essential operations as of April 10, 2020:

  • Our weekend vaccine clinics are still operating, but on an appointment-only basis with CDC required social distancing and disinfecting protocols in place. We have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer available that are required before anyone (public and staff) enters our vaccine clinic. Clients must follow all of our protocols to be served. We ask that those with appointments please show up, and wear their own masks as SPCA-NN is unable to provide masks to the public.
  • Foster Program: We currently have around 70 pets in foster, which includes animals in foster before COVID-19, and emergency fosters. If you are interested in fostering, please email:
  • Intakes: We are limiting to urgent intakes from established shelter partners, and emergency pre-approved surrenders at this time. Please do not just show up at our Adoption Center expecting to surrender your pet. For information on Rehoming your pet, please visit our FAQs section:
  • Virtual Adoptions: SPCA-NN will be conducting virtual adoptions and pet pickups by appointment while our Adoption Center is closed to the public. Our current CDC protocols, including wearing masks, will be diligently followed to ensure the safety of our staff, adopters, and pets.
    • To ensure loving matches, we will continue to work really hard with our foster parents and adopters to collect a lot of information on our pets and adoptive homes.
    • First, a potential adopter will complete our PA online. Then one of our Matchmakers will contact the PA to complete our standard conversation-based adoption process over the phone.
    • Once we’ve made the match and the adopter is fully committed, we will then complete our adoption process entirely electronically.
    • Upon completion of the adoption contract, we can then schedule a hands free curbside pick-up of their new pet, and give them their envelope with all of the adoption paperwork (the completed adoption contract will be emailed directly to them via DocuSign).
    • Once the pet is in their new home, our team will continue to be there every step of the way to help guide adopters! Our online resources: Adoption Support; and our Help Desk: 775-324-7773, ext. 200.
  • Our Help Desk checks our voicemail every day for pet owners with questions. Please leave a voicemail with questions or for Post-Adoption Support: 775-324-7773, 200.
  • Shelter Feeding Program: This critical need food program is still available to those organizations already signed up with us (we are not accepting any new applications at this time). Clients must follow our COVID-19 protocols to get their food.
  • Our Affordable, Community spay/neuter program (SNYPS) is not taking appointments at this time. Those appointments we’ve had to cancel will be re-scheduled at some point in the future when appropriate.
  • Please continue to visit our website for updates and to follow our available pets in their loving foster homes:

upon arrival.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

If you receive our regular fundraising letters in the mail, you may have noticed that our recent April letter may have seemed a little tone-deaf to what’s been happening in our lives recently due to the pandemic.  We apologize if the letter offended you in any way.  Our direct mailing pieces have to be drafted months before they are printed and mailed, as this letter was.

The letter also stated that we are overwhelmed with puppies and kittens right now in the adoption center.  Normally we are inundated in the springtime with both, but since we changed the way we are operating right now, that is not the case. 

We value your patience as we work through these trying times, doing the best we can to continue to serve our community and save the lives of homeless pets in northern Nevada.

We appreciate any financial support you can give us, which enables us to help homeless pets now and in the future.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Vaccine Clinic Reminder: Our vaccine clinic qualifies as an essential service. You may schedule an appointment through our website. Vaccine clinic appointments are only available for Saturdays and Sundays. We ask that you honor our CDC-recommended protocols upon arrival.

Make an appointment

Thursday, March 19, 2020

SPCA Adoption Center Closed to the General Public:
Our mission, and priority, remains the health and safety of our SPCA-NN animals, our staff, and our community (people and pets).
Accordingly, in response to concerns about COVID-19, both our Thrift Store and Adoption Center will be closed to the public (including all volunteers) until further notice.
We will continue to honor all scheduled vaccine clinic appointments. We ask that you please show up for your appointments. We are unable to perform spay/neuter surgeries for the next few weeks, but we are honoring deposits and will re-schedule current SNYPS appointments as soon as we’re able. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.
How You Can Help:
  • Stay home and love on your pets!
  • Foster: All animals have been placed into foster care, however you can sign up to foster by emailing and we’ll contact you for any animals we may take in the future.
  • Vaccine Appointments: We are here for you! We are still running these programs, so please show up for your scheduled appointments. We have protocols and procedures in place following CDC recommendations requiring robust hand washing, regular disinfecting, etc., and have changed our process to minimize human-to-human contact.
  • It is important that you continue to provide necessary care to your pets, including vaccinations.
  • While you and loved ones are preparing to stay home, keep your pets in mind and ensure you have enough pet food and medications for an extended amount of time.
  • We are unable to perform spay/neuter surgeries for the next few weeks, but we are honoring deposits and will re-schedule current SNYPS appointments as soon as we’re able.
  • Submit a Potential Adoption form: All of our pets are currently in foster care and unavailable for adoption. However, if you’re interested in a pet, please download a Potential Adoption form, fill it out it electronically, and email it to Once we’ve reviewed the form, an adoptions counselor will call you to see if that pet is a good fit for your home. Please note that this does NOT guarantee an adoption, and that our pets will not be available until our adoption center reopens. Additionally, fosters have first dibs on their foster pets.
  • Be compassionate and understanding to all people and pets – we’re in this together!
  • PLEASE GIVE: Right now your DONATIONS are critical to our operations as we work overtime to make sure our pets are cared for. We are still taking in animals to the best of our abilities, providing medical care, running our affordable vaccine clinics, paying staff and providing everything our fosters need to care for our pets while our adoption center is closed. Please support us financially in whatever capacity you’re able to, we understand everyone is being impacted financially.