SPCA of Northern Nevada’s Shelter Feeding Program

In 2015, a partnership formed between the SPCA of Northern Nevada (SPCA) and several large regional animal food distribution companies interested in supporting SPCA through free food donations. During the program’s first year, the SPCA distributed 295,000 lbs. of cat and dog food to over 30 regional shelters/rescues in need. In 2016, the SPCA distributed 1,136,800 lbs. of food valued at $1,193,640 to over 45 regional shelters/rescues in the region.

This program is serving thousands of homeless pets in rural communities and giving those pets a second chance at life.

Become a part of our Shelter Feeding Program!

Representatives from Saints of the West Rescue pick up food from the SPCA

Saints of the West makes a pick up!

To participate you will be required to:

-Submit 501c3 determination paperwork

Sign a Shelter Feeding Program Agreement (below)

-Fill out a Use of Donation Report

Signed Agreement

To participate in the Shelter Feeding Program, we require a signed agreement and proof of 501c3 non-profit status. This paperwork must be received and on file before your first pick up.

Click here for the agreement


Are you a Shelter Feeding Program Participant?

We need your support to keep this program going! Due to the high cost of running the Shelter Feeding Program, SPCA is piloting a requested donation program. Donations will support the Shelter Feeding Program costs such as transportation, handling, storage, and other program costs that support our mission.

We estimate a bag of food to be valued at $42 which means that the proposed donation levels are very low considering the unlimited amount of food each shelter/rescue can take. If everyone benefiting contributes, we can keep this amazing service going. Without your support, SPCA may not be able to sustain this program moving forward.

Recommended Monthly Levels:

Large Level: $200 (Receiving more than 5 pallets p/month)

Medium Level: $100 (Receiving 1-5 pallets p/month)

Small Level: $50 (Receiving less than 1 pallet p/month)

Click here to donate.

Pick-Up Times

Once the paperwork has been approved and you have become part of the network that we serve, please call ahead before each food pick up so we know you are coming and can check inventory. This program is first come, first served.

Weekly Schedule:

Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sat 8am-5pm

Closed Wednesday due to deliveries

Closed Sunday


To Schedule a Pet Food Pick Up: 

Contact (Thursday-Sunday):

Debora Gonsalves, Adoption Front Desk

Phone: 775.324.7773 ext.218

Email: Debora@spcanevada.org


2017 Funders & Community Partners

Thank you to the partners that make the Shelter Feeding Program possible.



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