Share the Love with the SPCA and Lithia Reno Subaru

We’re so proud to have Lithia Reno Subaru as our Sponsor of the Month!

Each year Subaru participates in the Share The Love Promise, a program where each new car sold during the holidays automatically creates a donation of $250 to a charity of the purchaser’s choice. Subaru is committed to helping communities become stronger by sharing the love they receive with local and national nonprofit organizations, such as the SPCA of Northern Nevada! The event runs now through January 2nd, 2020.   

This year, you can keep the love local by going to Lithia Reno Subaru and donating to the SPCA of Northern Nevada! In years past Lithia Reno Subaru donated thousands of dollars through the Share the Love Promise and has helped save the lives of homeless pets in the community. We want to keep that trend going! 

Keep it loving, and keep it local with the SPCA of Northern Nevada and Lithia Reno Subaru.

This event is crucial to the funding that the SPCA of Northern Nevada receives since we rely solely on the donations of the community in order to operate. We do not receive any funding from the government so this event is a big piece of our financial puzzle year-to-year.

Lithia Reno Subaru is located at  2270 Kietzke Ln  Reno, NV 89502 and they make sharing the love easy. During the final paperwork of purchasing a car, simply pick the SPCA of Northern Nevada and they will donate $250 to us to help save homeless pets.

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