What Your Pet's Poop Means

Your pet’s stools are a good indicator of his physical health. The consistency, shape, and color can all tell you whether all is good or something is wrong. Paying attention to the signs your pet’s poop is showing you is an important part of being a pet guardian. Below are the different things you might see when your pet goes number two.

The Ideal Poop is Firm, Not Hard

If your pet’s poop looks like this, there is no need for concern. This is what healthy poop should look like. Everything is going great! Keep doing what you’re doing! On the other hand, hard, solid black poop can be a sign of dehydration. Make sure your pet is not exhibiting other signs of dehydration. If he is, contact your veterinarian.

Soft Poop, Like a Cow Patty

If you pet’s poop is not formed, but falls into a cow-patty shape, this could signal issues with your pet’s diet or overall health. Monitor your pet for signs of lethargy, dehydration, and loss of appetite. If these issues persist, see your veterinarian.

Liquid, Unformed Poop

Your pet may have no control over his bowel movements. If this is the case, continue monitoring him for signs of lethargy, dehydration, and loss of appetite. If his stool doesn’t begin to solidify after 24 hours contact your veterinarian.


If your pet has only vomited once and still seems to be interested in food and play, just monitor closely. If your pet is vomiting and has diarrhea, please contact your veterinarian immediately. Vomiting and diarrhea can very quickly lead to dehydration, which is life threatening


Written by Ana Hurt

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