What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH, is a condition in which the cerebellum of the brain doesn’t develop properly. The cerebellum controls balance, coordination, and fine motor skills, and when it is not developed properly it can cause animals  to “wobble” when they walk. The condition is also called “Wobbly Cat Syndrome” for this reason. It can occur in both cats and dogs. In cats, it is caused by panleukopenia infecting their mother before being born, or if they are infected under two weeks of age. In dogs, it can be cause by genetics, infection, or nutrition and will become apparent at around six weeks of age.

A pet with CH will walk with his legs widely placed and places his feet clumsily. When he focuses on an item like a toy or food, intention tremors begin and intensify as he concentrates.

Pets with CH are not weak, they are just uncoordinated. They are still active and considered to have a good quality of life. This condition is not painful or contagious. It also does not worsen or get better with time.

An SPCA-NN alumni cat with CH, Chowder

All kitties with CH are different, and their needs can vary. Chowder specifically needs a calm house, a special diet to prevent urine crystals, access to different types of litter boxes, and patience as he adjusts. If you decide to adopt Chowder, our team will have an in-depth conversation with you on what life with Chowder will look like.

Fun Chowder Facts

Chowder is a chatterbox! He is very vocal and will tell you all about his day and how he feels about it.

He loves cuddling! He even has a special sling to lay in that team members can wear while they work. He is very happy to be close to you.

Soft floors are best for Chowder, he needs carpeting or rugs in his space for a soft landing when he tips over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is he in pain?

No, Chowder is not in pain. It might hurt if he were to land on a hard surface, which is why we recommend he have carpeting or rugs under him at all times.

Can CH be cured?

Unfortunately, CH is not curable.

Is he happy?

Yes, Chowder is very happy! He is currently living with his adopter and several other kitty friends!


Written by Tara Davis

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