Sean and Paul
Rescue cats sean and paul ahve been adopted into loving homes

Sean and Paul were both long-termers here at the Adoption Center. They each were black rescue cats who were with us for months, hoping to find love. Our volunteers and staff adored them, but for some reason they kept getting over looked by adopters.

Both Sean and Paul both had special medical needs requiring extra care (and expense) for their adopters.

We are THRILLED to announced that these two boys are now living out their twilight years in forever loving homes.

paul the rescue cat


Paul got adopted first. He came with us to an adoption event held out at Mendive Middle School and met his loving new owner. Sometimes a little change of scenery (and a new audience of potential adopters) is all that a special rescue pet needs!

Sean the rescue cat


Then last week, his buddy Sean, who has diabetes, also got adopted! Savannah came in and after taking one look at him, she couldn’t imagine her life without Sean. She promptly adopted this handsome rescue kitty!

Sean the Rescue cat was adopted by savannah

Thank you for your gifts. You saved these two cats. Despite their medical issues, and the need to supply their medical treatment for months, your gifts allowed us to rescue them, house them, treat them, and love them until the right adopters came along and are now cherishing these rescue cats. Thank you!

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