Save Sysco
Sysco the rescue dog is hoping to get adopted in Reno

WOO -HOO!! It worked! The Save Sysco campaign helped Sysco catch the eye of his adopter on 8-7-18. He’s now been adopted into a loving home. Thank you for your support!

Sysco has been living in the Adoption Center since January 2018. He needs to go home! Please help him get adopted.

Staff and volunteers have fallen in love with him, and have gotten to know him quite well.

Sysco the rescue dog went on a day trip and loved every second of it

Sysco got to go on a day trip with a volunteer and loved every moment. He would do so well in a home of his very own!

He had knee surgery a few months ago and has since been recovering. One of our volunteers worked with him to help rehabilitate him, and here’s what she has to say about this handsome old man:

“Sysco is exuberant and strong. He lets you know, as you walk into the kennels, that he is ready to go outdoors, where he powers up and down the hiking trails and gullies, stopping to chase a lizard into a bush, or flush a rabbit out of one, with his tail wagging the whole time. He walks nicely on leash, particularly when he’s on pavement. And, if you sit on a boulder, he will sit down next to you and gaze out at the horizon while you scratch his neck. (Sit on the floor indoors, and you are likely to have Sysco sitting in your lap.) He is generous with his kisses and likes to have his back rubbed, especially with a towel; actually, he likes to be petted pretty much all over.”

Sysco the rescue dog is available to adopt at the SPCA in reno. He needs a loving home!

Sysco is 7 years old, and we originally rescued him from Silver Springs, NV. When we rescued him, we could tell he was living in pain. He needed knee surgery and, because of your gifts, we were able to get him the care he needed. He then lived in foster care for a few weeks post-surgery to help him recover. Now he’s doing much better but would THRIVE inside a loving home of his own.

Please tell everyone you know about him, and ask them to tell everyone they know. It’s not fair to Sysco to spend so much of his life at this advanced age, unhappy in a shelter. He needs consistency, he needs to be cherished, he needs to share his loyalty and unconditional love. We know his people are out there, somewhere. Together we can use the power of the internet to help him find them!

Sysco stole the hearts of everyone when we had a wedding ceremony at the Adoption Center.

Here, Sysco poses with Carolyn, who got married at the SPCA Adoption Center in May. Sysco got to be one of the guests!


Come meet him today – we are open 7 days a week from 11 am to 6:30 pm and are located at 4950 Spectrum Blvd in Reno. You can call us at 775-324-7773.


Here you can see Sysco in action! He loves the Snow Dog Shawl he got to wear when Jimmy Beans Wool visited.

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