Roxy Loves Her New Life

From the moment we rescued her, Roxy was one of our favorites. It’s no wonder why…she is an absolute lover.

Roxy is a 5 year old pitty mix. We first met her in 2013 and we knew she would make someone very happy. We just didn’t know that due to all kinds of reasons, it would take her a few tries to find the right home. Roxy was everyone’s favorite while here. She is playful, but not too excitable, she’s loving, likes to give slobbery kisses, and gets along with other dogs.

She was adopted a number of times into homes, but through multiple series of unfortunate events, Roxy was returned from those homes by teary owners due to no fault of her own. You see, each time Roxy was adopted, soon after the owners’ housing situation changed and they could no longer keep her, no matter how much they wanted to. But, the saying “everything happens for a reason” held true in the end.

In August 2016, after three years, Roxy finally found her ultimate forever-loving home, in the sweet care of Kimberly.

Kimberly loves dogs – and absolutely adores Roxy. Kimberly is a graduate student and although Kimberly came to the SPCA “just to look,” when she saw Roxy sitting there, it was an instant connection. The two were made for each other. Roxy went home with Kimberly that day!

Roxy now enjoys her days with her adopted husband, Moose, who was also a pitty rescue. Together the two go on adventures with their forever family. They even have their own Instagram account!

Kimberly was kind enough to bring Roxy back for a visit. The staff was thrilled to be able to spend a bit of time with Roxy, knowing she now has the life she deserves. We love seeing SPCA “alumni” and are always happy when they bring an adopted animal back for a visit. We get to hear about the love and joy they give and get everyday.

When you adopt, you save a life. Thank you for supporting the SPCA  of Northern Nevada and saving the lives of homeless pets in our community.



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