Dog Trainer Certification Course

Joel Silverman’s “What Color is Your Dog?” Dog Trainer Certification Course

Are you interested in becoming a certified dog trainer?

The SPCA of Northern Nevada has hosted renown dog trainer Joel Silverman at the SPCA Adoption Center for a week-long CEU credit training certification program. The pioneer class was January 23-27 and ran 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Joel is planning on holding this course at various locations throughout the country in the future. You can find out more on Joel’s website. For more information on this course, visit Joel’s website, here.


Individuals interested in becoming certified dog trainers, such as owners of dog daycares, employees of pet rescue shelters, veterinary clinic employees or any other motivated pet owners will see the most benefit from taking the course.  For more information on this course, visit Joel’s website, here.

One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

This unique course offers something no other training course offers – 5 full days of hands on learning experience. The small group setting will provide plenty of time for each participant to get one-on-one instruction with Joel, and each person will be able to work with every dog. The dogs will be selected from the available dogs from various adoption centers and rescues, which means these pups will get some real training and stimulation while looking for forever homes. The benefit will be twofold! The students in the course will get experience with a variety of dog-personalities, each with their own behaviors and issues, and the dogs will get excellent training, helping them to get adopted more quickly into a forever home.

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is proud to have provided a venue for Joel Silverman to offer his intial course. Joel is an avid supporter of animal welfare organizations and believes in adoption. One of his goals with this course is to help the staff of animal welfare organizations become certified dog trainers in order to further the well-being and training opportunities for rescued dogs, as they are adopted into homes in our community. For more information about Joel, visit his website, here.

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