Rescue Dog Vixen Has Been Adopted
Rescue dog Vixen

Vixen – Loved, Adored, and Home

The first thing you notice when you walk into a room with Vixen was her smile. She has a smile that  can melt ice. It’s promptly followed by her gentle, yet excited, tail wag, encouraging you to come see her and give her some pets.
Rescue dog vixen and her very happy adopter
She is only 1 but had a “ruff” start to life. She was in a rural animal control when the SPCA of Northern Nevada rescued her. Some of our rescue pets have very short stays with us at the Adoption Center. (The average stay for a rescue dog at the SPCA of NN is about 16 days.)  For some reason, that wasn’t the case with this adorable girl. Vixen was with us for a number of months, flying under the radar and struggling to catch anyone’s eye.
That all changed because of you. Vixen was made the Pet of the Week where she was featured on television, the radio, and on our social media sites. Your shares, likes, and comments lit the way for Vixen’s adopter to find her. He saw her on television and something deep inside him told him that this was his dog. He came in, met Vixen, talked with our adoption counselors, and the rest is history! Vixen was so proud to find her human, and we are delighted to have helped her.
Thank you for supporting us with your gifts, which let us rescue her in the first place, and with your voice. When you talk about rescue pets with friends and families, it helps them find homes! Thank you!
Rescue Dog Vixen has been adopted by a loving adopter and she is so proud to have been picked!

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