Recent Adoptions Make Us Wag Our Tails With Joy!
Sean the senior rescue kitty loves his new home!

These heart-warming adoptions have happened recently and we can’t help but share!

Sean the senior rescue kitty loves his new home!

Al (previously Sean) the senior rescue kitty!

Al (Previously Sean) the diabetic senior rescue kitty!

Sean is quite the handsome senior rescue kitty. Affectionate, a great listener, and an expert purr-er, Sean is a catch. Unfortunately he kept getting over-looked by potential adopter for months. As a senior, black kitty cat with diabetes, he took a little extra time to find that unconditional love that he was desperately trying to give. Luckily, a kind, open-hearted adopter came in, laid her eyes on this miniature panther, and knew they were meant to be together. She took him home in May and sent us an update in June saying: “Sean, now named Al is loving life and is the biggest snuggle bug! He’s also the worlds loudest 5:00 am alarm clock. I think he’s my soulmate. He fits right into our family. He definitely belongs with us.” We couldn’t be happier for Al (Sean) or for his new family. We love love!

Sean the senior rescue kitty loves his new home!

Al seems like a very good brother to his human.

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Sheba the rescue dog acts like a puppy most of the time.

Sheba loves her new “big” brother!

Sheba the energetic Shar Pei/Husky!

Sheba is a unique and quirky gal. She’s a 2 year old Husky/Shar Pei mix with the tiniest, most adorable ears we’ve seen on a dog her size. When she first came into the SPCA of Northern Nevada she was timid. (Understandably so – being rescued is one of the most important but also confusing times in a rescue pet’s life.) She wasn’t sure how to interact with other dogs, and although she loved people, she did always display the best manners.

Sheba is a rescue dog available for adoption from the SPCA in Reno. She still has puppy energy!

She came to us at the end of March and we thought she would get adopted quickly because of how stinkin’ cute she is. However, she ended up spending a few months with us. That time period gave our staff and dedicated volunteers time to spend with her, help socialize her, and get to know her. They worked day in and day out to learn about Sheba, and to help her understand the best ways to interact with dogs and people. The Sheba who got adopted last week was a very different dog than the Sheba who first arrived at the SPCA of NN adoption center.

Sheba the rescue dog with the energy of a puppy was recently adopted!

She was thrilled to meet the loving couple who came in and fell in love with her. She even went home with a tiny older brother! The reason pets like Sheba can have the time they need to be helped by people with amazing hearts and patience to help them find loving homes is because of you.

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More pets have been adopted recently and we are so thrilled! Check out photos of recent adoptions! (And if you just can’t get enough, go visit our Alumni Group on Facebook and see the adoption stories and updates from the adopters, first-hand!)

Sammy the rescue dog acts like a puppy as he sits by his new sister.

Sammy the Cocker Spaniel in the front, was adopted in May to a home who already had a Cocker that needed a new brother!

Jax is a 10-month old puppy who was recently adopted!

Jax couldn’t help but smile! This rescue puppy was adopted within a week of his rescue!

George the rescue kitten curled up

George all curled up and content in his forever home!

George the rescue kitten

George picked his people by sneezing on them in the cat colony! Sometimes when it’s right, you just feel it (on your arm…) 🙂

Fallon the rescue cat is super sweet with her tiny human

Fall the 3-year-old rescue cat couldn’t help but fall deeply in love with her tiny human sibling.

Fallon the rescue cat

“Our home is now complete with her.” Says Fallon’s adopters!

a dog and puppy adopted from the SPCA in Reno.

A family full of rescue pets! About a year ago they adopted the Aussie mix from us and this past weekend they added a new rescue puppy! “Our family finally feels complete.” this rescue-loving family adds.

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