Ralph Got Adopted!

Look at that smile! Ralph became known around the Adoption Center as the playful boy who could melt hearts with his smile. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for this handsome guy. He often struggled with his dog-to-dog relationships and manners. Not every dog enjoys other dogs, and Ralph could be selective. He’s 3 years old and was rescued from one of our rural partners in Silver Springs.



This stocky youngster first came to us in June. Most of our pets get adopted within 14 days of coming to our adoption center, but Ralph ended up waiting much longer than that to find true love. He was adopted once, but not every adoption works out as well as everyone hopes it does. The family loved him, but it wasn’t the right fit. Ralph did not get along with the dog they already owned. In order to keep everyone safe and happy, Ralph came back to us once more to find true love. The good news? It was worth the wait!

Ralph’s patience paid off and on September 14th, he met his brand new family! They adore him for all his unique quirks (plus he’s their only pet so he gets to be spoiled the way he really wanted). “Thank you for filling a hole in my heart.” Says the wonderful couple who took Ralph in.

Sometimes when a pet is adopted, it’s not always the right fit. And that’s OK! We believe there’s a person for every pet, and we’re here to help them find it. We are so happy that Ralph has finally found his people.

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