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Pet of the Week: Foster Kittens

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is looking for people who want to cuddle kittens. And puppies. Temporarily. When you become a foster family with the SPCA of NN, you get to have tiny, baby roommates for a short period of time. Most of our foster families work full time. The SPCA of NN provides all of the food, treats, toys, and supplies; all you need is a loving, safe place for the foster pets to grow and play until they are big enough to be fixed!

The SPCA is in dire need of foster families for kittens and puppies.

These foster kittens are alive and thriving because of this program. In fact, we have over 13 kittens currently living in foster care – but, we need more homes. The sad reality is that many times kittens and puppies are unable to find foster families in rural northern Nevada. By partnering with us you can directly save lives of puppies and kittens.  When you foster, you’re not only saving the puppies and kittens you’re looking after, but you’re also making critical space available in the adoption centers for older pets who need to be there in order to get adopted!

Cuddling with a pile of kittens is just one of the perks of being a foster family.

What’s required to become a foster family?

The process to become a foster family is straight forward. You just need to fill in an application, take a short training, and you’ll be set! When the SPCA of Northern Nevada needs a foster family, you’ll be on our call list to see if you’re available to host some temporary housemates. The fostering time period varies – sometimes they just need a home for a few days, sometimes for up to 6 weeks. At times it’s a single pet, at others it could be a mother and her litter. Whatever the case, you’ll hear all the details and then be able to decide if you’re able to help out!

(Did we mention you get first option if you want to adopt?)

Learn more and sign up to save lives here!


The kittens featured today will be in foster care with the SPCA of NN until Friday, at which time they’ll be big enough to be fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped, and then we can find them loving homes through adoption!


Tap here to make a life saving gift so that the SPCA of Northern Nevada can always rescue homeless pets in need.

If  any of our pets may be the right pet for you, come meet them! The SPCA is open every day from 11 am to 6:30 pm!

For more information about any of our adoptable animals, please come to the Adoption Center at 4950 Spectrum Blvd in Reno or call 775-324-7773. Our friendly staff would be happy to tell you more about any of the rescued pets we have available here at the SPCA.

Thank you for supporting the SPCA. When you help us spread the word about homeless pets, when you volunteer your time, and when you donate in order to help give these pets a second chance, you save lives. 

Join our Circle of Love monthly donation club and choose to make a monthly life saving donation for homeless pets in our community. From $5 up, it’s the most effective way to save lives! 


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