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We could all use a smile right now, and the SPCA of Northern Nevada could use a boost in our emergency pet care fund.

This is why we are offering Exceptionally Subpar Pet Portraits – completely original, mediocre-at-best masterpieces of your furry loved ones created by our team of volunteers! For a donation of $10 (or more!) one of our “artists” will create a one-of-a-kind portrait of your pet. It may not be MOMA material but we assure it will make you smile ear to ear!

Our volunteers of all ages are stir crazy and eager to get drawing! Simply donate and attach a photo of your pet through the form below. Each pet is $10 (so $20 for two pets) and we ask that you give our “artist” at least FOUR DAYS to bring their below-average masterpiece to perfection.

Once the portrait is done, we will not only email it to you, but we will be posting all photos and their accompanying portraits in a gallery on this page as well as in a photo album on Facebook!

Submissions are open now through Wednesday, April 10.

Warning: Results may vary, meaning you may receive a lovely, accurate depiction of your precious pet. While we can’t guarantee subpar results, we can guarantee that every portrait is made with love.

Exceptionally Subpart Pet Portrait Gallery

Please enjoy these finished materpieces and their original photos!