Estimated Age: 4 years 1 month
I Look Like: Terrier, American Pit Bull
Gender: Male
Size: 79.4 pounds
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Meet Quilliam, the shy superstar!
Quilliam is not your average tail-wagging, ball-chasing pup – he's a special project waiting to blossom into the ultimate canine companion. At first glance, you might mistake his aloofness for disinterest, but give him time, and you'll discover a heart of gold underneath that timid exterior.
This precious pooch is a bit undersocialized and shy around new faces, but don't let that fool you! With a patient, loving family willing to invest in his confidence, Quilliam is sure to shine brighter than a diamond. He needs an entourage of canine companionship who will be his ultimate cheerleaders. Picture this: lazy afternoons snuggled up with his fellow fur buddies, engaging in gentle play sessions that boost his self-esteem, and embarking on outdoor adventures that'll make his tail wag with excitement! With a supportive pack by his side, Quilliam will learn that the world isn't so scary after all. Are you ready to add a bit of flare to your life? Come meet this special guy with your canine crew today – because with a little love and a lot of teamwork, Quilliam is destined to be the brightest star in your family's constellation.

From: Lyon County Animal Shelter
Management Level: High – fearful, undersocialized
Dog Compatibility: Best in a home with other dogs, so let's meet!
Cat Compatibility: History unknown, slow introductions recommended.
Child Compatibility: History unknown, I can meet kids 15+
Housing Restrictions: Fenced yard. 6+ ft Fence.

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Dog Care Basics

Please be patient while your dog adjusts to you and its new home. Please take your new dog directly home on a secure leash, collar or harness and try to keep it a calm environment while s/he investigates and acclimates. The transition may be somewhat stressful on your dog, and it’s best not to take it to a friend’s house, dog park, school or other busy, crowded place right away. A pet who displays a happy, playful attitude at the Adoption Center may act wary and fearful in a new environment. Please follow our Adoption Counselor’s advice during your adoption process!

Consider Getting Pet Insurance

In your adoption packet, there is information about signing up for a free trial for pet insurance. Please take advantage of this offer! It can help you save your dog’s life in the event of an unexpected accident. Additionally, you can research additional pet insurance options.

We’re Here to Help!

If you’ve viewed our Pet Behavioral Support page and still have questions, contact our Pet Help Line: (775) 324-7773, 200

Visit a Local Vet

Please take your dog to a veterinarian within two weeks of adoption to create a trusted relationship for emergencies, annual checkups, vaccinations, and on-going care.

Vaccinate Your Dog

Your new dog leaves our Adoption Center up to date on vaccinations, but you’ll need to continue its vaccinations and you may want additional ones (example: Canine Flu).

Visit Our Vaccine Clinic

Dog Behavior

Watch for cues about how your pet is feeling. If your pet seems timid, try to move slowly, or just sit in the same room reading a book and let your pet come to you. If your pet is full of energy and ready to play, get out the toys right away. But be cautious. Pets can be both scared and full of energy. Modify your actions to make your new pet feel welcome. The care you take with your own behavior in early days will pay off in the future as your pet learns that you are someone to trust.

Pet Behavior Support

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