Helping Your New Dog Decompress

We are so excited that you decided to adopt your new dog! We want this to be a positive experience so that you and your new dog can live happily together for a long time. Here are some tips to help your new dog settle into your home.

Please Note

It could take up to two weeks or longer for your new canine companion to feel comfortable and relaxed in a new home. Patience and love are key during this time period!

First Day Home

We know you have just committed to a new family member, and this can be stressful and exciting for all involved, including your new dog.

– When bringing your dog home for the first time, keep in mind that he or she has probably been through a lot in the last few days.

– Decompression time can vary from dog to dog, so please be patient, giving him plenty of time to adjust and feel safe.

Helpful Tips to Help YourNew Dog Settle In

Establish a routine to help in providing stability.

The first day home should be used to allow your dog to get used to his new environment.

After arriving home, introduce him to new family members by having them stay seated, allowing the dog to come to them for attention.

Remember that everything he encounters has the potential to be stressful; let him adjust at his own pace.

It is important to let him feel at ease with his new family & home before taking him to unfamiliar places.

Make sure any activities do not overstimulate him.

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