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Pet Adoption Support

Congratulations on your new pet adoption! We are here to answer any questions you may have about bringing your pet home, introducing it lovingly into your home and family, and provide additional resources. You’re now part of our SPCA family too, so call our Pet Help Line with any questions! (775) 324-7773, 200

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Adjustment into a new home can take time

Your newly adopted pet has likely been through a lot of stressful changes recently, and it can take some time to adjust to the routines of even the most loving home. Sometimes, just allowing your new pet time to adjust does the trick. Other times, they need some training to help them along – and adopters need a little support, too!

If you are looking for advice abour your pet’s behavior or additional information related to the health of your pet, please use the resources provided below!

Pet Behavior SupportPet Health Support

If you are having behavior problems outside of these topics or need additional support, please call our Pet Help Line: (775) 324-7773, 200