Office Fostering

Office Fosters

Office fostering is a great opportunity to volunteer as an organization without having to take time off work or leave the office. Your furry new intern will get the socialization skills they need to thrive in their future career as a full-time pet and family member. Your team will not only benefit from the much-needed stress relief, but will take joy in knowing they are giving back to the community while on the clock!

Our animals in need of foster care are either too young for spay/neuter surgery or have medical or behavioral needs that need sorting out prior to becoming available for adoption. Whether it’s a litter of kittens your office manager can keep at the front desk, a dog recovering from surgery that  needs a quiet corner to relax, or an anxious dog that just wants to feel safe under your desk, we’ll pair you with the perfect animal for your office environment!

What is Required?

We provide all of the supplies and the animal in need, and you supply the time! Just like our foster program, we require one point person to be the foster. This person will be responsible for the foster animal’s basic care, vaccinations, and taking them home at the end of the night. Creating a stable environment for the animal is important for the animal’s wellbeing.

The point person will need to go through all of the required steps to foster.  This includes attending a class on fostering and filling out the required paperwork. This ensures that the foster feels confident in their ability to care for the animal.

So How Can I Help?

Call (775) 324-7773 ext. 216 or email to find out how to sign up to become a foster.

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