I met a very special cat three years ago when I started as the Executive Director of SPCA of Northern Nevada (SPCA-NN). Her name was Tumbelina and I lovingly called her Tumblina due to a stress-induced condition that made her wobble, shake, and sometimes tumble.

To reduce her stress she became my office cat. When I arrived in the mornings and unlocked my door, she would come running from whoever’s lap she had started her day in, and jump onto her favorite red office chair of mine—usually making it, and sometimes gently tumbling onto the cat bed below.

Regardless of where she landed, her expression was one of equanimity: See, I’ve been waiting here just for you all night long! 

Meet Tumbelina, a wobbly cat with a big personality.

Since she lived happily in my office I began to wonder how potential adopters were going to meet her because she wasn’t visible on the adoption floor. I spent time on spcanevada.org and quickly realized that it wasn’t very useful in showcasing our adoptable pets.

Then I learned about the amazing Noble Deeds grant, and applied with all my fingers, toes, and Tumbilina’s paws crossed! 

Well, they say three times a charm, and it took applying 3 years in a row to get this incredible grant. We are beyond grateful for the entire Noble Deeds team and all their compassionate hard work learning about animal welfare, our organization, our philosophy, and goals.  

We are beyond grateful for the entire Noble Deeds team and all their compassionate hard work learning about animal welfare, our organization, our philosophy, and goals.

Tumbilina has been in a loving home since 2017, and she would be so proud of how far we’ve come! This is so much more than just a new website. We’ve worked hard with our Noble partners to better showcase who we are as an organization, what we do, and to better highlight our adoptable pets. I can honestly say that this new website, and all it entails, saves lives! 

As if a new website and new content wasn’t enough, we also have a fabulous new logo. A lot of loving creativity went into this logo—or as they say in Hawai’i, it was created with Aloha. 

Our new logo shows the connection of a human heart with a dog and cat in a single, connected line. Our intention is to underline SPCA-NN’s close connection with the community, and the joyful impact we have on both people and pets.

The bright, gradient colors embody SPCA-NN’s purpose to connect people and homeless pets to bring joy, love, and compassion to our community and beyond. 

Some website highlights:

Adoptable Pet Profiles

Our pets are now easier to see, share, and learn about on all devices! Our verbiage is updated to reflect what we know, and what we’re guessing (like breed type based on appearance). 

Adoption Support

We are here to support these pets and adopters in any way we can! SPCA-NN saves and improves the lives of pets and people: We provide services for both, including affordable spay/neuter and vaccination clinics.  

Thrift Store

We will better use social media to showcase the great finds at our store, and we’ll be sharing information about our exciting NEW location in the coming months.  

In 2019, we adopted 2,147 petsinto loving homes!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the entire northern Nevada community for believing in us throughout 2019. Thanks to your loving financial support, we had a new adoption record for the second consecutive year!

In 2019 we adopted 2,147 homeless pets into loving homes!  

We couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws.

Want to help?

- Check out our website when considering a new pet. Sponsor a pet’s adoption fee or care right from their pet profile.

- Shop and donate at our Thrift Store (proceeds benefit our homeless pets).

- Volunteer—we have lots of opportunities to help and you’ll learn a lot that you never knew.

- Read to the Rescues—they really benefit from your visits and so will you. Follow our entertaining social media and attend our events.