Meet Yogi, the master of "head-butts."

Hello! My name is Yogi and I am a one-year-old tuxedo that that love’s to head-butt his way into your heart.

Some may consider me an introver-extrovert; that is to say, I enjoy being social just as much as I take please in the company of others. Give me a cozy cubby or a dark, secluded corner and I’ll sneak in for a nice siesta. But the minute someone walks into the room, you best believe I’ll make a beeline for them!

I love jumping onto laps and my purr is so intense, you might wonder if a semi-truck is pulling up behind you. But that’s just because I love being pet. Over and over and over. And over. Yeah, some might say I’m needy.

I also want to mention that I HATE to travel! So if you put me in a crate I will moan and groan and throw a fit. So don’t do that to me, ok?

Please come visit me at the SPCA of Northern Nevada, and I’ll be sure to head-butt my way into your heart.

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is open Tuesday – Sunday from 11am – 6:30 pm.

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