Cathy & Alyssa - The Catastic Duo!

We are excited to introduce you to Cathy and Alyssa, our PetSmart adoptions duo. 

Every year, we partner with various PetSmart stores in the Reno area to adopt out our cats from their locations. In 2019 we had an incredibly low return rate of just 1.6% with cat adoptions out of PetSmart Los Altos. In fact, in the final three months of last year, they adopted out over 60 cats – a huge deal considering there are only five cat enclosures at this location! This was all thanks to Cathy, Alyssa, and the PetSmart volunteer team, who all worked hard to make this possible.

Cathy is an avid cat lover who has been volunteering with us since 2016. Everything she does is in the best interest of our cats – she consistently goes above and beyond to make sure our cats at PetSmart Los Altos don’t get overlooked. She works hard, is self-motivated, and sets her own schedule. Her hands-on approach and knack for counseling people through the adoption process makes her a valuable asset to our organization. 

Cathy and Alyssa are avid cat lovers and hard workers!

Alyssa is a staff member who also serves as our PetSmart lead. Thanks to her attention to detail and ability to choose the best and brightest kitty cats to go to PetSmart, our cats have had great success in finding loving homes. She cares deeply for our pets and finds opportunities to showcase them so that they have a better chance of finding a loving home.

These women’s love of cats, hard work and dedication to our mission is amazing, and we are proud to highlight them in this month’s volunteer and staff spotlight!