Meet Boots and Junny Bug, a bonded pair of senior chihuahus who like to hang out and cuddle.

Boots and Junny Bug are a bonded pair of senior pups that have spent every waking moment of the last 7-8 years together.

Junny Bug is shy while Boots is all spunk. Boots is the peanut butter to Junny Bug’s jelly. They are mashed potatoes and gravy. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. Batman and Robin.

Not bad by themselves, by WAY better together.

We are looking for a loving home that will take these cuddle bugs home together. It’s hard enough that they lost their home, let’s help them not lose each other!

They are great in the car and great on leash! They are hilarious together. If they were humans, they would be finishing each others’ sentences. They are truly peas in a pod. The bond very quickly to whatever person they are spending time with.

A generous volunteer has offered to sponsor their adoption fees as long as they go to a loving home together. These two have no history with cats and do best with children over 12 years of age. The do best with other dogs their size, but might be ok with a larger, more respectful pooch as well!

Boots and Junny Bug explore Whitney Peak!

Join Boots and Junny Bug as they hang out at Whitney Peak Hotel, the ultimate pet-friendly hotel!

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is open Tuesday – Sunday from 11am – 6:30 pm.

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