So, you’re a generous person and you gave a gift the SPCA of Northern Nevada. Thank you for your donation! Let us tell you how we are using your gift.

Medical care.

Medical care is critical for the homeless pets at our adoption center, and everything from standard vaccinations to specialty surgeries require lots of resources. 

Take our ringworm kitties, for example. While their condition is treatable, treating the fungus requires a tremendous amount of time (6-8 weeks, multiple times a week), staff to give treatments, and medicine. Just last year, we treated 131 kittens and cats!

We also provide specialty surgeries to pets in need, like Nick Fury and Achilles. Nick Fury needed an eye surgery when he came to us, and Achilles needed a leg amputation.

 Thanks to your generosity, we’re able to give homeless pets the medical care they need and deserve!

A place to sleep. 

While they’re here, we love to make our pets feel as at home as possible with comfortable beds, cushions, blankets, and sheets. Thanks to that fluffy blanket you donated, a pup can sleep soundly. Also, did you know that we send many of our pets home with their blanket? So your donation often becomes a comforting, forever gift for pets!

Toys to play with. 

We love to focus on enrichment for our pets, and one of the best ways to do this is with play! This helps make their days interesting and exciting. After all, a happy pet is a healthy pet! 

We don’t need much to keep our pups and kitties happy! We often use recyclable items like empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make DIY toys, like the ones you see to the left.

Low-cost vaccines and spay/neuter programs. 

Last year, we served 8,856 pets at our affordable vaccine clinic and 1,945 at our affordable spay and neuter clinic. This year, we have been able to partner with Washoe County Regional Animal Services to help fix even more pets in Reno! These programs provide an essential need within our community, and your donation helps us expand our efforts.

Foster program. 

Very young puppies and kittens live in foster homes until they are ready to be adopted. During that time we make sure fosters are stocked up on food, litter, and puppy pads.

For fosters who provide care to special cases, like ringworm kittens or pets recovering from medical needs, they need even more support, like medication or other special supplies. A great example of this is Scooter, a dachshund who is paralyzed from the hips down and who has been in foster care for many months. Your donation ensures that these foster pets and their caregivers are set up for success! 

Shelter feeding program. 

We help provide other animal rescues in surrounding areas with food for pets in their care. Not only do our rural rescue partners help us expand our reach, but they provide care to homeless pets in towns like Elko, Winnemucca, Fallon, Auburn, and Susanville. We like to share the love you show us by helping them feed their pets!

Keeping our adoption center clean and sanitized. 

Adorable as they are, puppies and kittens make big messes! We are always in need of towels to help us keep things spick and span. We can always use items like bleach or dish soap to sanitize dishes and toys, and maintain a healthy environment for our furry guests.

Our SPCA Thrift Store!

Our thrift store accounts for over 40% of our life-saving income. By shopping with us or donating your items you are directly helping pets in your community! 

At the time of this post, our thrift store is not currently taking any donations as we have received so many, but we hope to within the next few months as you shop with us over the 2020 holiday season!

To see if we are accepting donations and to find a list of items that we cannot accept for our thrift store click here.

Helping homeless pets find loving homes. 

On average, it costs the SPCA of Northern Nevada $430 to care for any pet that comes through our facility. This includes food, spay/neuter surgery, enrichment, toys, and more! With your help, we can continue to give these sweet cats and dogs the lives they deserve.


Written by Ana Hurt