– by Kelly Rutan-Powell

Kitten season is here! Across the country, adoption centers are being inundated with these tiny little lives, and sometimes, their mothers. These souls depend on facilities like ours to get them healthy, socialize them, and get them ready for a new home with a loving member of our community. So what does this mean? In order to save these lives, we need you!

Get Involved

There are so many ways that you can help us this kitten season. If you have the time and space to commit to these temporary house guests, you can sign up to be a foster parent!The need for fosters is ever-present, and the more people we have willing to foster, the more lives we can save! Depending on your situation, and the time you have to help care for these guys, we can match you with the right fit. From nursing moms, to kittens who are eating on their own, to kittens who need around the clock care, we have the roommate for you! We set you up with all the training, supplies, and support you will need to care for these little lives, and you provide the space and love to get them ready for the rest of their lives!

Why is there a need for foster homes?

You may be asking yourself why fostering is so important. Adoption centers rely on the community to foster animals for many reasons.

    • Facilities have a finite amount of space, so without foster homes, there are limits to how many animals we can save. When we can send these kittens into temporary homes, it opens up more space to bring in more!
    • Many kittens that come into us are too young to be adopted out. They need a place to stay where they can grow and get ready for a new home.
    • Kittens do not have fully developed immune systems, so they are safer in a home, away from illness, until they can come back to the adoption center, have spay or neuter surgery, and get adopted.
    • Neonatal kittens must be fed around the clock, and most facilities do not have staff around the clock, so this vulnerable population needs a temporary home to care for them.
    • Adoption centers are stressful places for nursing moms, who are using all their energy to raise their kittens. It helps to get them in a calm, comfortable home where they can care for their babies.
    • If you are thinking about adding a new kitty to your home, fostering is a great way to get to know the kittens, and possibly fall in love with one or two!

What if I can't foster?

If you do not have the time or room to foster, that is okay! You can always donate much needed supplies to help these little ones. It takes a great deal of resources to help these guys grow up healthy and happy, and we rely on the generosity of our community to help! From kitten food, to warming disks and kitten formula, we are always in need. The more resources we have to care for them, the more lives we can save!

How do I get involved?

    • Foster! To sign up, click on the button below and fill out the foster interest form.
Sign up to Foster!
  • Visit our Amazon wishlist & have much-needed supplies sent directly to our adoption center
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  • Purchase items from the list below & drop them off in front of our adoption center.
    • Breeder’s Edge® kitten formula 

    • Royal Canin Mother and Babycat food – wet and dry

    • Miracle Nipples

    • PetAg Bene-bac prebiotic and probiotic

    • SmartPetLove Snuggle kitty & puppy

    • Food scale

    • Snuggle Safe Pet microwave heating pad

    • Gerber 2nd Foods baby food – chicken & chicken gravy

    • Puppy potty pads

    • Kitten formula bottle